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Unique auger screw design installs in infield of track and next to football field.  NO Counter Weights.  Cold Rolled 1018 US welded Steel, Sherwin Williams Powder Coat finish.

             No assembly.

Train right out of the box.

"Simple to Use, Difficult to Master"

Nordic Hamstring Curls- Eccentric and concentric training

Outdoors, anywhere there is dirt.  men, women and children can perform these exercises daily.  Ad an AB Wheel for sprint training.  Try one armed push ups or install on a hill for added resistance.

Danny K. says "using The Ham Toner daily gives me stronger hips, hamstrings and

core strength, which helps

me with bat speed and

power hitting.

Use THE HAM TONER daily to strength train hamstrings, glutes, lower back, core and

hip flexors.  Daniel Byers of Birmingham wins the "men's open" long jump at the 2013 Alabama Track & Field (still standing for 2014) Festival Games.  Setting his best P.R. in the long jump and the 200m.  

Full range of movement

Use this device at home, the park, track, campus, vacation, anywhere there is good dirt.

Ad an ab wheel to this exercise and extend out and contract creating an awesome burn in the hams and abs and triceps, all at the same time.