THE HAM TONER Co.                                                              Hamstring Training Equipment for Outdoor Use.

382 County Rd. 401                                                                 Made in the USA 

Fayette, MO 65248                                                                  

334-790-4383                                                                           No Assistance, No assembly.  Train right out of the box



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Unique auger screw design installs in infield of track and next to football field.  NO Counter Weights.  Cold Rolled 1018 US welded Steel, Sherwin Williams Powder Coat finish.

             No assembly.

Train right out of the box.

"Simple to Use, Difficult to Master"

Nordic Hamstring Curls-

Russian leg curls

natural glute ham raises

Bodyweight hamstring curls

​Can match most team colors

Use The Ham Toner daily to stretch and strength train all in one using body weight as resistance and the earth as the counter weight.

"Train your backside, Outside."

It's Ham Time Baby!